Mezhyhirya + Savka’s Khutir

Duration: 5 h
Price: 75 € (upon request)

A “must-see” sight for those, who is following the recent history of Ukraine
Mezhyhirya, residence of former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych, is a “must-see” sight for those, who is
following the recent history of Ukraine. Nowadays Mezhyhirya stands as a symbol of corruption at the presidential level. After the president has been replaced, protesters were able to walk freely into the presidential mansion and estate. The residence includes luxury buildings, huge protected forest area, a private zoo, ancient treasures of Ukrainian literature and a fleet of expensive cars.
After visiting Mezhuhirya, on a contrast, we will go to a small village 11 km from Kiev to the ethnic House-Museum called Khata Savky (Savka’s House). Its hospitable owner collected inside it numerous ancient household items and made a museum out of it. You can not only see what items Ukrainians used traditionally, but also try to hammer some iron thing. Savka’s wife will offer you rich Ukrainian dinner with traditional borsch, vareniks and pies and you will listen to the stories how Ukrainians lived, celebrated holidays and worked before.

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